2013 Xmas Grading

The 20th of December 2013 marked the second Christmas Grading for Gracie Humaitá Brisbane. As usual, all students put in their best effort to demonstrate their self defense and positional techniques whilst promoting a playful environment to mark a joyous occasion.

Two of the Blue Belts; Cai Westbrook and Sam Elderfield were given their second strap after travelling to Rio earlier in the year and training hard throughout 2013. A handful of white belts received their 3rd and 4th strap, inching themselves closer to the revered Blue Belt.

After an hour of self defense, positions, passing, submissions and transitioning through dominate positions the white belts lined up to roll against the 5 present blue belts for an hour. Needless to say, it was a tough hour with an exhausted bunch of humans at the end of the two hour grading.

Great job everyone, your timing and techniques skill set is improving every year. Everyone is breathing and developing their jiu jitsu game plans.


2013 Xmas Grading
2013 Xmas Grading
2013 Xmas Grading Paul
2013 Xmas Grading Sam and Caiza
2013 Xmas Grading Sharmilla

2013 Xmas Grading Thomo and Matty
2013 Xmas Grading Thomo
2013 Xmas grading Deano

2013 Xmas Grading Frank and Enda

2013 Xmas Grading Frank and Thomo

2013 Xmas Grading George and Deano

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