2014 Team Humaitá at the 2014 Annual Meeting

2014 April Gracie Humaitá Annual Meeting

Hey Guys!

All of the current students are aware of this but I thought I would let the internet world know just incase any future students are planning on dropping by for a lesson.

Gracie Humaitá Brisbane will be closed from the 17/4/2014 till the 30/4/2014. The last class before I leave will be on Wednesday night the 16/4/2014 and the first class once re-opened will be on Thursday the 1/5/2014. The syllabus will be paused during this time.

I am traveling to America with my dad to be part of the 2014 Gracie Humaitá Annual Meeting in San Deigo, I will be training with Master Royler Gracie and the other Humaitá instructors also.

I will be posting pictures on Facebook and the website. So keep posted!

Enjoy the time off and for my students….remember the strategy 😉 !

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