2016 Gracie Humaita Annual Meeting

Coach William Tritton attend the 7th Annual Gracie Humaita Annual Meeting in San Diego for 4 days over the beginning of April 2016.  Coach Wil also got in a few days of mat time with Master Royler and other noted figures in the Gracie Jiu Jitsu community such as Grandmaster Rorion Gracie, Master Royler Gracie, Master Rolker Gracie, Master Royce Gracie and the Valente Brothers.

Gracie - Wil Tritton

Gracie Humaita Brisbane received an award at the Annual Meeting for being the Best New Academy in 2015-2016 for excellence in representing the Gracie Humaita spirit and legacy.

Gracie 7

(L>R) Monika, Coach Wil, Master Royler Gracie, Prof Paulo Brandao & Prof. Moshe Kaitz

Coach Wil also traveled with Monika from Gracie Humaita Brisbane who also got to share the mats with noted Black Belts, Koral Belts and Red Belts.

Gracie 6b

(L>R) Coach Wil, Prof Mark Commean, Master Royler Gracie, Prof Fabricio Camoes, Prof Paulo Brandao & Brian Imholz.

We attended a midday session at Gracie Southbay with Prof Fabricio Camoes (UFC Fighter). Sometimes you are the hammer and sometimes you are the nail, today I was the nail!

Gracie 4b

(L>R) Prof Gui Valente, Coach Wil, Prof Pedro Valente & Prof Joaquim Valente

The Valente Brothers have attended the last 3 meetings sharing their knowledge of the Self Defence system and also providing a motivational speech at the end of the event.  Notice their ROYAL BLUE BELTS? They now wear these belts as Professors in honor to Grand Master Helio whom swapped from his Red Belt to Royal Blue belt as a demonstration against some promotions.

Gracie 3a

(L>R) Master Royler Gracie, Master Rolker Gracie & Coach Wil Tritton.

Gracie 2b

(L>R) Coach Wil & Royce Gracie

Royce Gracie was present for the whole meeting, including the including the indoor paintball session, teaching a private 3 hour seminar on MMA for Gracie Humaita members only.

Gracie 1a

(L>R) Coach Wil, Master Royler Gracie & Monika.

The 2016 Gracie Humaita Annual Meeting was another great event and another great opportunity to learn from the source.  My motivation is at an all time high, my teaching tools tuned and my friendship with the Gracie Humaita family has tightened and solidified once again.  I can’t wait for next year! Thankyou Master Royler Gracie for putting on yet another educational, professional and unifying meeting.

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