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2015 Gracie Humaitá Annual Meeting

Individual Seminars with Master Royler, Rickson and Royce Gracie were held during the 3 day event. There was also a workshops with the Valente Brother. This event is always a great time to catch up with friends, train with World Champions and learn 🙂 Coach Wil.


Wow what a week! Master Royler Gracie was at Gracie Humaitá Brisbane for the whole week leading up to the Seminars on the weekend. The Gracie Humaitá Brisbane students got to learn from Master Royler not just in the Seminar but also in the classes that he dropped into. It was an action packed week […]

2014 Winter Grading

Last night was the 2014 Winter Gracie Humaitá Brisbane Grading! The students were tested on their Self Defence skills, distance management, takedowns, strikes, guard attacks, guard passing and positional dominance (including submissions and escapes). The grading went for 2 and a half hours, reviewing all of the Gracie Jiu Jitsu Fundamentals techniques for white belts […]

2014 Gracie Humaitá Annual Meeting San Diego HQ

Coach Wil returned from his trip to San Diego a few weeks ago after attending the annual 2014 Gracie Humaitá Annual Meeting. Arriving 10 days prior to the event Coach Wil trained with the Competition Team daily under instruction from Metamoris 3 competitor Zac Maxwell and also attended the night time public classes with Professor […]

2014 April Gracie Humaitá Annual Meeting

Hey Guys! All of the current students are aware of this but I thought I would let the internet world know just incase any future students are planning on dropping by for a lesson. Gracie Humaitá Brisbane will be closed from the 17/4/2014 till the 30/4/2014. The last class before I leave will be on […]


On Sunday the 30th of March Australian time, Master Royler Gracie fought a 20 minute submission only No Gi Jiu Jitsu grudge match against 10th Planets Eddie Bravo. To support our Master, we setup an event at the dojo with the stream to Metamoris playing through the projector onto the dojo wall and had an […]

2013 Xmas Grading

The 20th of December 2013 marked the second Christmas Grading for Gracie Humaitá Brisbane. As usual, all students put in their best effort to demonstrate their self defense and positional techniques whilst promoting a playful environment to mark a joyous occasion. Two of the Blue Belts; Cai Westbrook and Sam Elderfield were given their second […]

Kron Gracie Jiu Jitsu Seminar 2013

On the weekend members of Gracie Humaitá Brisbane traveled to the Gold Coast to take part in Kron Gracie Seminar held at Axis Jiu Jitsu Academy. Kron is the son of Master Rickson Gracie and nephew of Master Royler Gracie. The three hour seminar consisted of Gracie Jiu Jitsu fundamentals plus a demonstration of the […]

2013 Annual Training Trip

Gracie Humaitá Brisbane made their first annual training trip to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil during September. After a few days of hanging out in Dubai the guys touched down in Rio to knuckle down and train for 3 weeks at Gracie Humaitá Centro and Humaitá. The guys were very lucky and their trip coincided with […]

Aus Cup 2013

Over the weekend Gracie Humaitá Brisbane competed in the AFBJJ Australian Cup 2013 in Sydney Australia. Gracie Humaitá Brisbane entered 6 divisions in total both male and female as well as Gi and NoGi. Some of the team had to fight up weight divisions and with younger competitors. All competitors displayed excellent timing and technique […]